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I must warn you: Maritime journeys can feel disorienting, and this one will constitute no exception. To possibly help you orient yourself in this writing, I have assembled a navigation kit for you. The kit contains a poem, a map and a legend to help you decipher it.


As you well know, maritime journeys present no table of contents. Hence, what is usually referred to as a table of contents in a more conventional thesis, in our journey reads like a poem and looks like a map.


In the poem, each verse signals a turning moment, which from now on I will refer to as a ‘turn’. As you can see from the map below, at every turn, our ship will shift trajectory, moving from one place to another, from one subject to another. You might have guessed it, turns replace what in a more conventional thesis is referred to as ‘chapters’, and each verse in the poem is the title of a different chapter.


Now, scroll down and open your kit…

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