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If you find yourself here, you picked up a bottle, opened it, and found this message. They say, the bottle only comes to those who may desire or need to be picked up by it. Perhaps, this is why the bottle has come to you: to pick you up for the feminist maritime journey we are about to embark on!


Our journey will unfold by means of a ship, this ship, assembled as a vessel of and for change. Together, we will navigate waters of transformation, imagined as both the object of this writing and, figuratively, the space where our maritime journey unfolds. 

Proceeding through the figuration of a ship navigating in open seas, this writing offers the story and testimony of how our crew and I encountered others, transformed each other, and changed the world by participating in Trovare è sinonimo di incontrare [Finding is synonymous with encountering], a series of feminist workshops I started in January 2022 and continue to organise on a monthly basis.


The workshops take place offline and, more commonly, on Zoom. Over one year and a half, four workshops have taken place in Italy, specifically in Ponteacco, Roma, Venezia, and Udine, and fifteen online, welcoming more than one hundred participants. Our crew consists of ten of them, who volunteered to join our maritime journey, gifting us their company, words, and hearts.

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