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Practice two

A question for you

Why are you here?

In Turn 3, you discovered why I am writing. But now I must ask you:
Why are you here? More specifically, why are you on a feminist journey?

Think of your answer.

Taking inspiration from Alexis Pauline Gumbs (2020), a brilliant writer of depths, I invite you to dive deeper into your answer by asking yourself: “What’s under that?”

You may think of a deeper answer, and then ask yourself again: “What is under that?”, and repeat for a few times.

You will see, as you dig into your depths and reach for your heart, you may encounter some shifts. Bodily shifts, possibly, but also something shifting in the nature of our answer. It may also happen that such shifts move you. Make you feel moved. Such movements may occur after three, five, seven repetitions, the number does not matter and changes from person to person.

You do you. And while you do it, trust yourself. You will know when you have found a deep enough ‘why’ because it feels different. Once it comes to you, may you remember its gentle yet indestructible force whenever you may need it.

And if you feel like it, you may share your ‘why’ with others and read theirs below.

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