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Practice three

Transformation barter & book swap

What transformative readings would you bring on this ship with us?

In Turn 4, I introduced to to the fellow pirates who inspired me in making this journey. In the hold of this ship, there is a library full of transformative potential. You can imagine it as an open place where you may come and go as you please, where you may give as you can and take what you need.

As well as an open place, you can also imagine it as a social space. A place where “there are things to do, places to go, and people to see in reading and writing” (Moten and Harney, 2013, p. 108). So, let us connect in reading and writing by sharing the watershed readings that changed us significantly!

Can you share a few works that changed you and inspired you to foster change? Which ones would bring on our feminist maritime journey to help us orient ourselves in navigating transformation? They can be article, essays, romans, poems, you name it.

Let us know yours below. And remember: in brave spaces, taking is synonym with giving. Be generous!

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