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Practice five

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In Turn 7, I wrote that in the workshop space, we learn, rediscover, and reinvent the body's languages and turn them into a source of knowledge.

We share our experiences of breaking, give them a name, and question where this pain travels from, through, and to. We find commonalities in a context of difference and make “common cause with the brokenness of being” (Harney and Moten, 2013, p.5). We attempt at community and possibly find we already belong.

Below is an idea for a creative form of resistance that we once did in the workshop space. Feel free to do it on your own or, even better, with others. Should you feel like it, you can use the comment space below to share some of your answers.

First, you can take a moment to think of your answers to the following questions. If you feel like it, you may write them down on a notebook, in a document, or your smartphone.

1) In your body, where do you feel the pain of the world, the pain that comes from living in a neoliberal capitalist, hetero-patriarchal, colonial, white supremacist, and anthropocentric world?

2) How would you describe what this pain does to the body? How does it feel? What feelings and sensations does it cause?

3)What paths does this pain travel before reaching your body?

When you have your answers, you may think of what the pain you feel may need from you. How can you acknowledge its presence and truly take care of it?

Rather than articulate it, you can express it in a drawing. You can imagine making this drawing as a gift for your pain. Take the time you need. Listen to what your pain might need from you, and offer it in a drawing. If you need inspiration, you can also listen to some music while drawing. Here on the left, you can find the song we listened to as we were drawing in the workshop space.

If you do this in a group and the other members feel like sharing too, when you are done drawing, you can show each other what you did. You can look for differences and similarities and discuss them together. You can also discuss how engaging in this exercise made you feel.

If you do not find yourself in a group and still feel like sharing, you can always email me your drawing and reflections. I love the idea to create a gallery where to see and share our important work. I have started assembling one with the drawings our ciurma and I created in the workshop space.

Here on the left, you can find a link to see it.

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