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At sea, you can encounter different worlds from the ones you are used to; worlds for which words might be even missing. Like for worlds of change, where you encounter others, transform each other, bring your change into the world and change the latter in return.


As such, you can find yourself in the position of asking for help to find the words that are missing. Luckily, others might be willing and able to offer what is needed for the missing words to emerge. The members of our ciurma are the ones who helped me find such words. 

Our ciurma is a group of ten members who participated in TSI, attending from one to more workshops and contributing to making it as is. To embark on this ship, they responded to a call I launched on my feminist Instagram account Multiverso femminista [Feminist multiverse] on April 8, agreeing to participate in this research project.


They volunteered to join our journey with commitment, willfulness, and heart. You may think their accounts might be biased precisely because of their heart-full and heart-felt involvement. But perhaps, this is the trick: What stories can be more truthful than those told from the heart? And what other stories could possibly be told in brave spaces such as the one we find ourselves in, since earlier we learned that brave spaces call us to more truth and love?


So, the story you are now reading is our collective story and, always, a story told from the heart.

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