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Dear reader,

How does this writing find you? 


Tired of the overwhelming commitments life endlessly throws at you? Devoured by the amount of work, visible and invisible, paid and unpaid, expected of you in a neoliberal capitalist society? Anxious that you will not accomplish your tasks in a timely manner? Mad at the system that made ‘timely’ translate to ‘killing every ounce of your heart, body, and soul until there is nothing left to exploit and extract’? Incapacitated to pause the frenzy loudness of your thoughts and sleep at night? Incapable of resting without necessarily feeling guilty for it? Fearful that a lack of productivity and performance may endanger your economic security or social status (that is if you ever had one)? 

Unable to breathe in, breathe out, and connect to your body in ways that respect and honour its rhythms rather than those imposed by capitalism? Forgetful that the rhythms of your body are not those of capitalism, which explains why you may frequently feel so exhausted? Crushed by the realisation that your body is made alien every time you refuse to follow the well-trodden paths that this world sets before you? Imprisoned in your body or put in prison because of your body as the interlocking systems of oppression that assemble this world as is constructed your identity as dangerous?

Enraged about the innumerous forms of injustice, oppression, and violence you experience and witness daily? Grieving for the death of others and even your social death, should you feel dead inside for living in a murderous world? Terrified about the effects of climate change, a crisis we are all witnessing while not being equally affected by it? Anguished by how all of the above annihilates your physical, mental, and emotional well-being? Struggling to care for yourself and others, schedule time for healing, including healing as a collective struggle? 

Disillusioned because you have been waiting a long time and possibly even working for a collective change that does not seem to come? Hopeless for the countless delusions, setbacks, and heartbreaks you have encountered along the way in more or less unexpected spaces, including feminist ones? Resigned to the idea that this is how things are and there is only so much you can do (which, at times, may also serve as a justification for what you might not be doing - and you know what that is)? Hopeless as it already takes so much energy to get through the quotidian that you feel like you cannot endure it anymore? Heartbroken as your heart stopped waging love the moment you stopped believing that change is possible?

If you see yourself in any of the above, you are probably in the right place. Should my questions have caused you any distress, feel free to pause, take a deep breath, and focus on something in or around you that may offer some comfort. Or should this work better for you, feel free to scream and swear at the unjust world we live in.


While you do you, I would like to thank you for being here. It is not easy to bear the burden of an unbearable reality and find, in whichever way works for you, the strength, courage, and love required to face it, let alone change it, or at least try. So, thank you for being here because, for some more than others, on some days more than others, the mere act of showing up for transformation work is an invaluable demonstration of strength, courage, and love. 

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